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Residential Locksmiths

Our home is our Castle and we work hard to get what we have so let us help you make it safer. Deadbolts, Security Cameras, Energex Padlocks and much more.

We are here to Help.

Automotive Locksmiths

Commercial Locksmiths

Having thing go missing? Cant remember if you moved an item and you need it now? 

Let us help we have a solution


Security of All Levels

Safe Servicing

All good quality safe need to be serviced every 12months, this also includes digital safes to all ways that it will open when needed.


Master Keys

Master Keys are used on a daily basis in Commercial and Residential applications, this helps owners give access to rooms and other locations to people that need it.


Security Camera

A single security camera can end up being a big deterrent for every day theft. Cameras can be set up to record on movement or all ways on. 


We Build Long term Customers

It is easy to just do one job and then the next but we want your repeat business. We will be here with our 24 hour emergency service 7 days a week for when you call

Brisbane Lock experts

Our Mobile Brisbane Locksmiths Vans will be there for you.

Residential Locksmiths

Automotive Locksmiths

Lost Car Keys

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Flagstone takes its name from the outcrops of flag rock in the creek beds of the area. To the local Indigenous people, Round Mountain – which is located within the Flagstone area – is considered a sacred place. It borders several tribal areas and was used as a meeting place. The mountain has been set aside as a cultural heritage site.

The area to the south of Flagstone State School adjacent to Sandy Gully, as well as the school itself, were developed by 2001. Flagstone Community College opened in 2002. The bulk of the development to the west of the Sydney–Brisbane railway line occurred after 2011. Flagstone was gazetted as a suburb within the City of Logan on 20 May 2016.





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